Location Leadership Training

Training Format

Location Leader TrainingAt the School of Kingdom Ministry we want to produce the highest quality experience for every student and every location. That means we take partnering with each location seriously and we invest top-quality training into the leadership of each location. Our philosophy is to be trained in the mission field you’re already in, so we’ve developed an extensive online training system so the local leaders can be trained on the schedule they need without needing to leave home. Depending on the size of your leadership team, the leaders may spend up to 2-3 hours a week working through the material, additional time may be required for the homework assignments.

For those interested every year we hold an optional week where the location leaders can come to Urbana and clarify any questions, get activation and impartation from the School of Kingdom Ministry team, etc. (There is no additional cost for this optional week of training). Our next on-site training will be August 4th-8th, 2014.

At the end of the training (completed either digitally or locally) the location leaders will be certified to run a location of the School of Kingdom Ministry.

Training Content

The leadership training to run a location of the School of Kingdom Ministry is rather in depth because it takes a lot to run the program effectively. In order to try and keep things running smoothly with as little overhead as possible, we’ve broken the leadership training into a few different roles. These roles can all be played by different people, all by the same person – or anything in between. Training the right leadership team will make a big difference for how much SoKM impacts the students and your church. The roles you’ll be trained in include:


Overall leader of the SoKM program at your church. Coordinates the other three roles, leads class sessions and recruits students. Point person for student questions at your church and point person for communicating with the SoKM staff.


Oversees and handles many administrative details, including the student admittance process, student financial payments, tracking student attendance and homework, as well as handling the scheduling and policies for SoKM.


Leads the activation portion of the SoKM classes. Trains and demonstrates Holy Spirit ministry in a hands-on way with the students.


Coordinate and facilitates the practice portion of the SoKM classes. Helps the students put into practice what they are learning in ministries that advance the mission and vision of the local church.