Kingdom Equipping

Kingdom Equipping, along with Kingdom Insights, is a series of resources that you get access to as a partner in the School of Kingdom Ministry network. These two resources along with the School of Kingdom Ministry Leadership Certification, are delivered through a digital training distribution system that we’ve built specially for the purpose of training and equipping.

Kingdom Equipping is a series of training courses that are digitally delivered to the audience of your choosing. Each course comes in a number of different formats that may be appropriate to your training models and methods. You simply select the training format you need, choose that format, and email it to your students’ addresses. The training is sent! So, if you want to run classes as weekend seminars, in home groups; or if you want to send them to individuals being trained, all you have to do is enter their email address and the training is sent; complete with videos, discussion questions and activities.

Our goal is to expand your training possibilities and take work off your plate. We think Kingdom Equipping can do just that. What’s more is that we’re continually developing and creating new trainings, so your training options will be continually growing.

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