School of Kingdom Ministy Students

We want to train you to live a naturally supernatural lifestyle, right where you are. In order to do this, the School of Kingdom Ministry functions as a resourcing and training agent to a network of churches hosting sites around the world.  Impact your city, transform your church and grow together with us right where you live, work and have relationships!


  • Weekly Video Teaching

    Students take part in 27 weeks of classroom sessions at their local SOKM site.  These teachings include topics like: identity, relationships, supernatural ministry, and shaping your Christian worldview.

  • Facilitators

    Each SOKM location has a trained facilitator.  This facilitator is a support and guide throughout your time in the school.  The local facilitator also creates hands on practice activities and learning opportunities at their site.

  • Events

    School of Kingdom Ministry invites host sites to participate in conferences and training events throughout the year.

  • Resources

    School of Kingdom Ministry provides resources for students to use outside of the classroom.  Students have online access to class teachings, articles, and other video resources through our student portal.


“I think the most amazing thing I’ve seen this year is the transformation in people’s lives and the freedom in their personalities and being able to be more themselves.”


Imagine a whole team of people pulling Heaven to Earth

“The School of Kingdom Ministry is a life-changing experience! It is the real deal! If you want plunge deep into the heart of the Father this school is for you! Maybe you are thinking, “Oh, I don’t need to do a school to grow, I am fine on my own.” Well imagine a whole team of people pulling Heaven to Earth and a green house of growth! That is what you will get with this school! The encounters and revelation that I had while in this school will forever burn with the fragrance of Heaven on my heart. ” – Johanna Elishia Bielby



The School of Kingdom Ministry is meant to be a comprehensive training course in the gifts of the Spirit for people who have already been activated at a basic level in Holy Spirit ministry. For this reason we ask that School of Kingdom Ministry students participate in a prayer training course that equips students in the Five-Step Prayer Model taught by Vineyard churches either before or during the first month of the school.


The goal of the School of Kingdom Ministry is to offer top-notch supernatural ministry training to the everyday person. To that end, we try and keep our costs as low as we can so as many people can participate as possible. That means we want to charge hundreds, not thousands of dollars.

The cost for the School of Kingdom Ministry varies somewhat based on the hosting location, so for specific tuition information, contact the location leader for the location you wish to attend. You can contact location leaders using our Network Locations page. Tuition usually ranges between $350-$400/student, with some discounts available when multiple family members attend together. Some partial scholarship funding may be available depending on the location; contact the local leader for details.

Graduation Requirements

The School of Kingdom Ministry holds a high value for the quality of training it offers, and the students are held to a high standard as well, because excellence is always present with the Kingdom of God. In order for students to successfully complete the School of Kingdom Ministry, they must

  • Be present and participate in at least 24 of the 27 class sessions and practice activities.
  • Participate in ministry prayer teams during the end of the weekend services and during your small group if you attend one (given the Vineyard church is your home church).
  • Participate in at least one organized outreach during the course of the school term.
  • Participate in at least one activity focused on training others to do kingdom ministry during the course of the school term (this requirement is excused if the student is already leading in a small group or some other ministry).
  • Complete the homework assignment given for the break between first and second semester.
  • Regularly attend and participate in your church home throughout the school term.

Student Resources

The journey of growing in Holy Spirit ministry is as much a journey we walk by ourselves as we do with others. We all grow in the context of community; yet at the same time, it is your relationship with God – no one else’s! To that end we also try and provide a number of resources to students to help them on their own journey of growth in addition to the training and teaching provided in the School of Kingdom Ministry.

School of Kingdom Ministry students get a website login that allows them to access a number of resources, including the videos of our class sessions, various articles and video resources. Students can also purchase access to extra content (we have to charge a small fee because the material is copyrighted), including Kingdom Insights.


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