The SOKM Story



The School of Kingdom Ministry story began to come into being in December 2010. Happy Leman, the Co-Senior Pastor of the Vineyard Church in Central Illinois spoke a few simple words to Putty Putman, now Director of the School of Kingdom Minsitry – at the time he was the Healing Ministries Pastor:

Why don’t we have a healing school? We should have a healing school.


Fall 2010 – First Small Group

A small group formed in the basement of a cold building that got wet when it rained. The lights never really worked – the group joked about it being a cave instead of a meeting place. It was here that Putty Putman and Andrew Jansen began to experiment with training and their own practice of supernatural ministry. They would read about prophecy in the Bible and try to prophesy the way they saw in the Bible. They would study healing or deliverance and pray for whatever situations, people had who were there. Putty, who was running a martial arts school at the time and saw the need to break skills down, began to develop a series of activities he used to equip people in supernatural gifts – this is where the focus on activations began to develop.


Urbana teaching session-4

September 2011

The first year of the School of Kingdom Ministry was held just in Urbana, Illinois. The plan at first wasn’t to create a school with multiple locations – rather the emphasis was on equipping everyday people at the Urbana church. It was an “everybody gets to play” school from the start. There were about 55 students the first year, and around 50 of them continued through the course and met the graduation requirements at the end of the class.

At the end of the first year, the class has far exceeded all our expectations. We began to have requests from the other campuses of the Vineyard Church central Illinois to have the class at their campus as well. Putty immediately went to work refining the program and developing the technological plan and structure to hold the school at multiple locations.

Fall 2012

In the fall of 2012, we launched our second year of classes of the School of Kingdom Ministry. We had five locations spread throughout the Midwest – four in Illinois and one in Iowa.

This year really marked a transition year in terms of the strategy and vision of SoKM. What initially began as a tool intended to develop the ministry-hungry people in Urbana began to shift into something that we saw could be hosted by any church that wanted to develop their own community of practice and offer higher-level training in supernatural ministry. In other words the School of Kingdom Ministry shifted to become a system that can plug-and-play into any church that wants to host the program for themselves. The dream began to shift from having an “everybody gets to play” school to an “everybody gets to play at every church that wants it” school.

During the 2012-2013 school year as we sought the heart of the Lord on the School of Kingdom Ministry and what he wanted to do, we felt we heard one thing about the coming school year:

Take it to the nation.

So that’s what we aimed to do.

robby reaching-2

2013-2014 School Year

By the 2013-2014 school year had about 500 students in about 30 different churches. We began to see the fire that God started spread all over the country, and even the beginnings of internationally as well as locations started in Brazil and India. Robby Dawkins began to partner with us and SoKM continued to grow and spread throughout the Vineyard as a movement and even beyond.

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2014-2015 School Year

The 2014-2015 school year SoKM continued to grow and hone the training experience for both the students and the leaders. In Urbana we kept refining our processes to continue to develop the highest quality resources available for the students. We continued to grow numerically into more than 40 churches (some of our original churches, though remaining in the network didn’t have enough people to host another full class the second year in a row) and the number of total students trained through SoKM over the years crossed the 1000 line.


group photo

Graduates from the 2015-2016 Urbana Class


The SoKM Team



Executive Director

 Putty Putman is a gifted communicator with a powerful message of identity. Putty is the director of SOKM and is the main speaker for the school.

Putty was pursuing a doctoral degree in theoretical physics at University of Illinois when God thrust him headfirst into the supernatural. Putty has a passion to seeing people activated in the supernatural and equipped to become world-changers. With over five years practice in both teaching physics at a university level, as well as running a martial arts school business, God has given him the ability to teach complex ideas and equip people with skills at a high level.

Guest Speakers

Every year we hear from a number of amazing guest speakers which bring exciting insights and powerful impartation. The speaker lineup rotates every year – in the previous school years we have featured:


Ken Fish

Founder, Kingdom Fire Ministries

Todd White

Evangelist, Lifestyle Christianity

Dianne Leman

Senior Pastor, The Vineyard Church of Central Illinois

Robby Dawkins

Evangelist, Robby Dawkins Ministries
Carl Tuttle

Carl Tuttle

Pastor, Vineyard at the River
Alan Scott

Alan Scott

Lead Pastor, Causeway Coast Vineyard

Mike Hutchings

Director, Global School of Supernatural Ministry

Leif Hetland

Founder, Global Mission Awareness

Brian Blount

Power Evangelist
Phil Strout

Phil Strout

National Director, Vineyard USA