The SOKM Network

We want to create a network of collaborating churches that are all together pressing into the things of the Spirit and training believers to live naturally supernatural lifestyles. In order to do this, the School of Kingdom Ministry functions as a resourcing and training agent to a network of churches.  Impact your city, transform your church and grow together with us!

What does it mean to start a site?

In order to start a School of Kingdom Ministry site, we ask that the sponsoring church join our School of Kingdom Ministry Network. The churches that Join the School of Kingdom Ministry Network get a number of benefits:

  • Host a SOKM Location

    Joining the School of Kingdom Ministry Network allows you to host a location of the School of Kingdom Ministry. Members get access to the School of Kingdom Ministry Location Leadership Training. Once you’ve selected the person you want to take point to lead your location for the School of Kingdom Ministry we set them up in our training system and take it with them from there.

  • School of Kingdom Ministry Facilitator Training

    We want to produce the highest quality experience for every student and every location. That means we take partnering with each location seriously and we invest top-quality training in the leadership of each location.  We provide an online training system so the local leaders can be trained on the schedule they need without needing to leave home. Depending on the size of your leadership team, the leaders may spend up to 2-3 hours a week working through the material, additional time may be required for the homework assignments.

    For those interested, every summer we hold an optional week where the location leaders can come to Urbana, Illinois to learn,grow and receive impartation from the School of Kingdom Ministry team, etc. At the end of the training (completed either digitally or locally) the location leaders will be certified to run a location of the School of Kingdom Ministry.

  • Resources

    Throughout the year, we work to resource our network locations with any information or developments with the School of Kingdom Ministry, along with special deals on School of Kingdom Ministry Resources or materials from our affiliated ministries, Kingdom Insights and Kingdom Equipping.

  • Collaboration

    We also provide some areas to collaborate together. We’re all learning how to equip and train groups of believers and we can all learn from each other. Our training materials are constantly under revision and development and we always want to expand and include the new breakthroughs our network members are experiencing as well. Furthermore School of Kingdom Ministry Network members are encouraged to participate in group events together and communicate with each other through social media and other avenues.

  • Events

    School of Kingdom Ministry invites host sites to participate in conference and events throughout the year.

What others are saying

What the members are saying

Moss Bluff, Louisiana

Moss bluff Louisiana Vineyard church 2016 graduating class of SOKM! Learned so much this year!It really was an amazing adventure! Holy Spirit punctuated graduation by healing one of our guests!

Cincinnati, Ohio

It was like a family gathering on Sunday nights for the last 9 months!

New Hampshire

“I am humbly blessed that I was able to take this class. Thank you to Putty Putman and our local SOKM leader Eric Shanley and all our guest presenters throughout the year.”

Our people crave the things of the Spirit now.
They believe in miracles.
They are being transformed.

We work with the urban poor.  Lots of poverty, mental health issues, single parents, addiction, etc.  We are seeing people change.  We are seeing people crave the things of the Kingdom.  We are seeing entire families come to Christ, renew their faith, pressing into God.  The presence of the Holy Spirit is a constant. Is it SoKM? Well, I certainly can attribute a great portion of it to SoKM.  I personally am a much better pastor because of SoKM. […] I would honestly and with integrity ask any pastor “Why would you NOT have SoKM in your church?

– John Manning, Spindle City Vineyard


What is the schedule for the School of Kingdom Ministry?

Each site decides the start and end date each year that works best for them. As far as timing during the week, that’s up to whatever schedule the host church or ministry feels is best. Because the teaching content is delivered digitally, there is flexibility in the weekly schedule.

When is the deadline to join the School of Kingdom Ministry Network?

There is no specific deadline to join the School of Kingdom Ministry Network. Essentially whenever you join and have your leadership trained through our online training system (allot about two months), you can begin to run classes whenever you’d like to start and on whatever schedule works best for you. You’ll simply use the latest version of the teaching videos whenever you start your classes.

What is the schedule for releasing new sets of teaching videos?

We run our class in Urbana according to the US school year. We begin in September and graduate in May, with about a month off in December-January. We upload the teachings from that class within 24 hours, so you can be trailing as little as a day behind us, or as far after as you find convenient.

Can I get more information before making this decision?

Of course! Although we believe in the quality of the program we offer we understand that it may not be the right thing at the right time for everyone and it is important to make an informed decision! To contact us regarding specific issues email us at We’d be happy to help you out in any way we can!

Interested in becoming a host site? Have Questions?

The first step in establishing a SOKM Host Site is filling in your information below. We will follow up with additional information about starting a site and walk you through the next steps in your School of Kingdom Ministry Journey.